Local Resource Guide for Scam Prevention and Elder Financial Abuse


American Southwest Credit Union will NEVER contact you to

  • re-set your passwords,

  • ask your account numbers, 

  • ask for your social security number,

  • ask you to pay with gift cards,

  • ask you for account numbers from other financial institutions,

  • ask for your telephone number,

  • ask you to verify your account numbers with us*

*If you call us, we may have to verify your personal or account information.  But we will never initiate a call to get this information from you.  We already have it.

If you receive communications asking to re-set your passwords, account numbers, pin numbers or other private information, please do not respond to those inquiries. Notify us at 520-459-1860 or email us at talktous@ascu.org

Scam Prevention

Fake shipping notification emails and text messages: What you need to know this holiday season

December 14, 2023

The FTC has valuable information about scams and scam prevention. It's a great resource to have in your security toolbox. by Alvaro Puig, Consumer Education Specialist: December 14, 2023:  When you order something online, you might get several emails or text messages about your order: Confirming your order. Telling you…read more.

Report Fraud to the Federal Trade Commission

November 17, 2023

Often we let brushes with fraud go unreported.  We see them, but we haven't lost any money so they become insignificant in our lives. But reporting scam and fraud events, if reported by everyone, can really help put scammers in jail or shut them down.  When investigations are underway, your…read more.

Announcing the FTC’s Voice Cloning Challenge

Voice cloning technologies can generate a near-perfect voice clone based on a short audio clip or snippet of someone’s voice. The technology has potential to help people—for example, people who've lost their ability to speak, offering them a powerful and valuable means of communication. But, in the wrong hands, voice…read more.

Gift Card Scams

February 15, 2022

Did you know that scammers often request payment with a gift card?  Stop and think before you buy gift cards as a payment for a product or service.  Once you hand over a gift card, the funds are gone and you won't be able to get them back.  Request for…read more.

Rage Against Scams

February 9, 2022

Another successful Rage Against Scams workshop at the Sierra Vista Library.  We love providing people with insight into scams and fraud and concrete ways to protect themselves.read more.

Contactless Card “Sleeves”

December 21, 2021

There is a scam trying to scare people into believing that contactless cards are less secure than a chip card.  This scam offers a “free” sleeve to put your contactless cards into to “protect” your card.  This scam offers the sleeve for “free” but charges a $17 – $40 shipping/handling…read more.

Scam Alert

July 8, 2021

SCAM ALERT: Recently, we have been made aware of postcards being mailed to our members referring to a recently closed mortgage you may have with ASCU. The postcard asks you to call a phone number to discuss the matter. *These postcards are not from American Southwest Credit Union*. If you…read more.

Savings Scams

August 11, 2020

SouSou savings clubs are becoming more and more common in the United States. But beware! Many scammers are capitalizing on them to steal money, instead of using them for their original intent. What is a SouSou Savings Club? It is a club, usually among close family members or close friends,…read more.

Do You Know about Phishing?

July 31, 2020

Fishing and Phishing are two very different things.  One is thought of as being a relaxing or fun past time and the other, phishing, is used to "fish" for your information so that a criminal can then use that information to commit a crime against you such as stealing your…read more.