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Auto Loans

Our friendly and capable lending team is equipped with many vehicle loan products to meet your needs. We can provide vehicle valuation services as well as ancillary insurance plans. Third-party purchases? We can also help you finance third-party private purchases.

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RV Loans

If you drive it or tow it, we’ve got the financing for your specific needs. Check out our newly revised RV rates and contact one of our member service representatives for more information.

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Your Personal RV Buying Guide

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Motorcycle Loans and ATVs

We have great rates and terms for the serious rider. Whether your preference is a two or three wheel tour bike or a multipurpose side-by-side, we have the financing for your sweet ride.

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What Kind of Buyer Are You?

PreQualifying at ASCU can help you negotiate your vehicle price at the dealership.  Analyzing what type of car buyer you are can also help.  Learn some tricks of the trade here.

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Insurance savings especially for members of American Southwest Credit Union

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TruStage™ Auto & Home Insurance Program

TruStage™ Auto & Home Insurance Program

Made available to credit union members like you, the TruStage™ Auto & Home Insurance Program provides top-quality protection designed to fit your budget. You could enjoy discounted rates combined with online convenience and 24/7 claims service.

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Auto Blog

Documentation for Buying a Car

September 10, 2023

When you buy a car, there’s a lot of paperwork that everyone has to deal with. Below is a description of the various documentation types involving the sale of an auto. Registration:  The registration paperwork describes who the auto is registered to at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).  The…read more.

Negotiate the Best Deal for Your Next Auto

August 25, 2021

No matter how many cars you buy, you will never be as good at buying a vehicle from a dealership as the salesperson is at selling them.  Even a mediocre salesperson will sell at least 100 vehicles a year and a good one will sell hundreds.  You, on the other…read more.

Extended Warranties – Are they worth the cost?

August 20, 2021

Q: I am in the process of buying a new set of wheels, and I’m being pushed to take out an extended warranty plan on my car.  Is this a good idea? A: The process of buying a car involves lots of decisions, each of which should be considered carefully. …read more.

Audio Blog: Getting the Best Deal on Your Next Auto

September 17, 2020

Episode 003  Financing Your Auto Find your best financing deal for your next auto.  Listen in for strategies to reduce your stress about car buying and give you some negotiating power.  Ready to check into financing options?  Call us at 520-459-1860 and ask to speak with an auto loan specialist.…read more.

Take Control: Get the best deal on your auto

April 28, 2020

It’s that time.  We all hate it, but we have to do it.  Going to the car dealership is a stressful time.  It should be fun to shop for a new or newer car but it isn’t.  It’s annoying!  But we just can’t drive an undependable car anymore.  The entire…read more.

Tips for Buying a Used Car

October 28, 2019

Tips for Buying a Used Car But buying a previously owned vehicle can be a great way to save big on one of your most valuable possessions.  You do have to do your homework however, and be careful with the car you are buying. If you are shopping for an…read more.