Member Programs and Services

TruStage Insurance

TruStage provides our members with discounts and perks for insurance.  TruStage designs their insurance policies to be affordable and helps offer protection to the financial futures of your loved ones. Check out their rates for auto, home, health and life insurance. They’ve been in business for over 80 years and their experience shows. They believe in building and maintaining stability within families.  It is worth a look!

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Shared Branching

Want access to service while away from home? Providing the best service possible, regardless of your location, is important to us.  That’s why American Southwest Credit Union is a member of the Shared Branching Network. This program enables you to use other credit union branches throughout the United States for services. It’s like having over 5,500 credit union branches for your basic transactions.  That’s more branches than even the largest banks out there! There’s no need to sign up –  You’re already enrolled if you are a member of American Southwest Credit Union. Please note: To use shared branching services, you must know your account number.  Shared branches cannot look up account numbers.


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AllPoint ATM Network

Our members have surcharge-free access to cash as long as they use an AllPoint ATM (in addition to our own) because American Southwest Credit Union is a member of the AllPoint ATM Network. The AllPoint ATM Network is extensive with over 55,000 surcharge-free ATMs worldwide. In the United States, you can find them at Circle K, Walgreens, CVS and Speedway gas stations. In addition, you can find them at select Safeway, Fry’s, and Target stores to name just a few.

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Member Workshops

Our members have access to our free workshops.  We give workshops on money management, exploring our online & mobile banking platform, scam prevention, and money management for teens.  Go to for available class locations and times.

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It’s a Money Thing Video Series

We care about our members’ financial wellness.  Not only do we offer financial workshops for teens and adults throughout the year, but we have short video clips on our website for members and non-members to brush up on their skills and become better money managers.  Each video is 2-3 minutes packed with bite-sized, easy to understand information on everything from taxes to planning for retirement. 

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Build A Budget

Don’t get bullied by your budget.  Take charge and build your budget to help reduce your stress and help you succeed financially. Need help with putting your budget together?  Send an email to 


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