Plan For The Payoff When You Plan Your Student Loans

Planning ahead for college is not just a matter of getting good grades and accumulating a list of extracurricular activities and awards. It’s also a process of understanding how to pay for tuition and living expenses during the college years, which often extends beyond the typical four-year period and sometimes includes graduate school.  Parents tend to […]

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Counting Back Change: Make your brain a cash register

Counting back change scares a lot of people.  Just remember that the total price of the sale  + the change you give your customer, should always equal the amount of cash they gave you for the purchase.  If the price is 25.99 and your customer gives you $60.00, you hand the customer the merchandise.  If […]

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College or Career for your Teen?

For those of us with teens preparing to graduate from high school, it might be difficult to accept that perhaps college is not in their future, even though we have saved for years to send them.  As disappointing as it is, sometimes our best laid plans are just not followed.  Perhaps our teen’s grades don’t […]

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Job Interview Tips

Nothing beats the excitement and novelty of your very first real job. With your long-awaited degree in hand, the world is at your fingertips! You can do it all – and you will. But first, you need to land that perfect job. For that to happen, you’ll need to get through an interview looking poised, […]

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Learning To Balance Academics And A Social Life

It’s the number one question that separates the super-achievers in college from the party animals: Are you here to earn good grades and learn valuable lifelong skills, or are you here for the active social scene? If you fall somewhere between the two, you’re not alone. Most college students want to do well academically – […]

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