Counting Back Change: Make your brain a cash register

Counting back change scares a lot of people.  Just remember that the total price of the sale  + the change you give your customer, should always equal the amount of cash they gave you for the purchase.  If the price is 25.99 and your customer gives you $60.00, you hand the customer the merchandise.  If you want, you can say to the customer, “That’s $25.99… adding a penny makes $26.00 even”.  Adding four one dollar bills, “that’s 27… 28… 29… 30 dollars”  Then adding a ten dollar bill, “40”.  Adding a twenty dollar bill, “and 60 dollars.”  You are done!  As you are adding coins and cash, just remember that you will stop adding cash when you reach the amount your customer gave you for the sale (in this case, $60).  Play along!  Get out some change and get counting!


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