Time Capsule for 2020

It’s important to connect with friends and family in this strange time we call a “pandemic” . But how do we do that when everything costs money and we are supposed to be “distancing”? Here is a creative way to re-connect with family and friends, without getting too close and without breaking the bank.
Start a time capsule
Wouldn’t it be interesting to take a photo of your family during the COVID-19 quarantine and put it in a time capsule? You could have all your friends and family do the same. You don’t even have to go pick it up… social distance please! Just have them email you the photo. Put all the photos on a flash drive and put it in a time capsule. Keep the time capsule somewhere safe.
In 5 years, get together with friends and family for a time capsule party. You could even do a photo montage of all the photos and play them on a big TV or screen. Here are more ideas of things to put in the capsule:
• Photo of your family.
• Photo of your most precious object.
• A trinket you love but is just in the way.
• A collection of music, songs, videos with an explanation of why you chose them for this capsule.
• A coin dated 2020.
• Photo of family activities during quarantine.
• A dried flower or leaf from a plant in your garden.
• A poem, song, prayer, or article you and your family members wrote, reflecting on COVID-19 times.
• Photos of your pets and friends.
• An MP3 recording of your family singing a song or talking. Record a dinner conversation or record a discussion. Record your baby babbling or your dog barking. Record your husband or wife’s voice, just for the heck of it.
• A love letter to your husband, wife, partner.
• A friendship letter to your best friend.
• A piece of kitchen art from each of your kids.
• A copy of a page out of your diary.
• A few squares of toilet paper.

What things would you put in your time capsule?

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