Road Tripping on a Budget

Vacations might be tight this year. Maybe people are thinking about avoiding travel all together. But there’s nothing like a good road trip. In a time where we may not want to get on a plane, going on a road trip for a day or two, can help recharge our batteries. Road trips can save us money compared to flying or a cruise, especially if we are bringing the whole family. And it is fun to see all the sites you would have missed taking other methods of transportation. But be careful! Sometimes road trips can end up costing a lot more than expected. Why? Because we fail to plan for snacks and eating on the road and then dine out or grab expensive munchies at convenience stores. Here is a list of fun foods to pack that are easy to eat on the road and do not break the bank.
Apples – I know I know! They are healthy and may not be what you consider “snack food.” But, if you are really hungry and not just eating out of boredom, you will eat the apples.
Sandwich Roll Ups – Hold the sauces! Sauces and condiments are messy and can make the flat bread soggy. Keep it simple by putting down the cheese first then the lunch meat. Use a hard sliced cheese, not cheese spread. The cheese spread will make it soggy.  Roll it up and slice it into bite sized pieces so that it is easy for everyone to grab while in motion. Even the driver can partake! In most cases you’ll find that the cheese and lunch meat provide enough moisture so it isn’t dry. If you must have your condiments, use sparingly and put them on between the meat and the cheese so it doesn’t get soggy.
Raw Nuts (unsalted) – they aren’t messy but ration them to about 10 to 20 nuts per passenger because of the high calorie count. They are also an expensive item so to eat a ton may break your budget. If you prefer salted or flavored, that’s ok too, but they are more messy which might be hard to deal with in a car.
Rice Crispy Treats – Easy to make, pack and store. And very inexpensive!
Hard Boiled Eggs – They will last just fine without refrigeration in an air conditioned car. But if you are going to do overnight travel or leave your car for long periods of time in a hot climate, use a small cooler.
String Cheese – no mess and individually portioned and wrapped.
Baby Carrots: No mess, no fuss and easy to eat on the go.
Cooler tips: Plan ahead for your departure date and make your own ice. Fill 2-6 large paper cups or other suitable containers ¾ full of water. Water expands while freezing so do not fill containers to 100% capacity. Leave the lids off and put them in the freezer for at least two days. When you are ready to pack your cooler, you don’t need to buy ice! It’s even better if you use containers that you can seal up with a lid after they are frozen so your cooler has less chance of filling with water and getting things soggy. Pack a loaf of bread and sandwich fixings in your cooler. Instead of stopping for fast food and blowing your budget, pull over at a park or rest-stop, make sandwiches and enjoy the other treats your brought along as well.
Don’t forget to pack bring water or other drinks, silverware, paper plates, some hand wipes, and a bag or container for trash!
Happy travels!

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