American Southwest Credit Union is pleased to present our local podcast which includes interviews from members of our community, local business owners, and financial wellness topics, intermixed with video tutorials and financial education pieces. They are meant to provide support and inspiration for our community.

Audio Blog: Relationships and Money

September 17, 2020

Episode 002  Relationships and Money Relationships: Building Growth & Stability w/ your Partner Through Financial Health & Communication Explore the importance of financial health in relationships for dating couples, newly engaged or already long-term partners.  Stephanie is the owner of Mindful Messages Therapy in Sierra Vista, Arizona and she offers…read more.

Audio Blog: Financing Your Business Podcast

Podcast Episode 004 Financing Your Business Ready to start or expand your dream?  Explore lending options with Ron Curtis, our VP of Commercial Lending.  We can assist even the small self-employed entrepreneur!  Learn the advantages of financing through ASCU and of being a member.    Call us at 520-459-1860 to…read more.

Video Blog: Does a Credit Score Really Matter?

How much does a poor credit score really cost you.  Meet three people who ended up paying different prices for items based only on their credit scores. [video poster="" width="1920" height="1080" mp4="" autoplay="true"][/video]read more.

Audio Blog: Getting the Best Deal on Your Next Auto

Episode 003  Financing Your Auto Find your best financing deal for your next auto.  Listen in for strategies to reduce your stress about car buying and give you some negotiating power.  Ready to check into financing options?  Call us at 520-459-1860 and ask to speak with an auto loan specialist.…read more.

Audio Blog: Interview with Melany Edwards-Barton

February 17, 2020

Episode 001   Sierra Vista Chamber of Commerce: Can it help you? Behind the Scenes Podcast with Melany Edwards-Barton, CEO of the Sierra Vista Area Chamber of Commerce.  Are you a business owner looking for a little inspiration?  Listen in to Melany’s podcast message. If you would like to contact the…read more.