Low Cost Halloween Ideas

Halloween is coming — and so is the fun! Everyone wants to win the prize for creepiest costume and the most frightening yard decor in the neighborhood.

But all that spookiness comes with a scary price tag. The average American will spend $169 on Halloween costs this year.  And, if that’s not enough to terrify you, consider this: Most people spend close to $70 just on their Halloween costumes. That is a lot of money for a costume you likely won’t wear again.

Ready to save big? Check out these 7 awesome Halloween ideas that will scare the living daylights out of your guests and make your costume look great without costing a bundle.

  1. Make your own fake blood with this quickie recipe. All you need are 3 ingredients:
    1. 4 cups corn syrup
    2. Red food coloring
    3. Blue food coloring

Pour the corn syrup into a large bowl and start adding the red food coloring a few drops at a time. Stir your mixture with a whisk until you reach your desired consistency. To darken the “blood,” add a few drops of blue food coloring while continuing to stir.  You’re all set – now go scare someone silly!

  1. Whose hand is floating in the punch bowl?   For a super-scary addition to your Halloween party, fill a rubber glove with water and seal it shut. Stick it in the freezer and just a few hours later, you’ll have an iced severed hand to drop into the punch bowl and really freak your guests out.
  2. Stick ‘em up!  For a ridiculously easy costume that will make people laugh, go as a stick person!  Dress in black from head to toe. Use white masking tape to add stick lines to your legs, arms and torso. Put some lines in the back, too. For a full-body costume, take a paper plate and paint it black. Use your tape to draw a stick-face on the plate and glue a Popsicle stick onto the bottom so you can hold it up.  Don’t forget to do the stiff stick-walk and you’ll really crack people up!
  3. Is that a witch sticking out of your plant?  Got some spare pool noodles lying around? Dress them up to go as witch legs!  Take two pool noodles and stuff them into a pair of striped leggings. Top it off with black witchy-looking shoes and you have yourself a pair of witch legs! Stick them upside down into the plant on your front porch, or make them look like they’re coming out of your garbage can.  Now sit and watch your visitors’ reactions and you’ll have the last cackle!
  4. Would you like some spiders with that?  Have fun with a cheap bag of plastic spiders! Here are some ways to use these creepy crawlies to add the fear factor to your Halloween party:  Stick them in your ice cube tray for floating critters that will terrify your guests.  Drop them inside your soap dispenser to frighten anyone looking to wash up.  Scatter them inside the popcorn bowl for a scary surprise.
  5. Love a good play on words?  Go as a serial killer! Err … a cereal killer, that is.  Take an old white T-shirt and decorate it to look like your favorite cereal box. Then take a dress-up dagger and carefully cut off its tip. Glue the blunted dagger to the middle of your cereal box so it looks like it’s piercing it right in the heart. Then use your fake blood to add splatters and drippings all over your shirt. Make your face look menacing with some dark costume makeup and add an ominous scar across your cheek, too.
  6. Anyone care for some fresh worms? Serve up food from the dark side that will have your guests completely grossed out!  Drip a bit of black food coloring into boiling pasta and it will instantly turn your dinner into a dark, horrendous-looking creation. Drain your pasta as usual and then bring it out to the table, asking if anyone would like some delicious hot worms for dinner.


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