Preventing Financial Elder Abuse

Financial Scams cost victims almost 40 billion dollars a year.  Unfortunately many of the victims are the elderly and vulnerable adults of all ages.  According to the FTC, 20% of the elderly will fall for some type of scam and lose money.  The average loss of a financial elder abuse scam is $120,000.  60% of […]

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RV Life: Preparing Your Budget

Are you thinking of the RV Lifestyle when you retire? Or maybe an extended road trip? It can be a wonderful experience, but it can be more expensive than you think! It’s important to be realistic when planning your budget. Now, let me say this. If your goal of travelling full time involves parking your van in a […]

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Putting Your Affairs in Order

Q: I know it’s important to have my financial affairs in order, especially when approaching an advanced age, but it is all so overwhelming. How do I go about this task? A: No one knows when their time will come, so, it’s best to be prepared at any age. Also, a debilitating illness or car […]

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How Much Should I Invest In Retirement?

Experts recommend allocating 15% of your monthly income toward retirement. Before you start exploring your options, though, you will need to set a goal, or a target number.  This number will represent how much you need to have saved for living comfortably and independently throughout your retirement.  A good way to set a target number […]

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Sierra Vista Main Branch

Closed Saturday Aug. 7 and Saturday Aug. 14


The SV Main Branch will be closed Aug. 7 & Aug. 14 to finalize our backup generator installation.  ATM fees incurred in this area will be waived if you need to use an alternate ATM.  This closure includes the lobby, drive thru, ATMs, and call center.  More information at



Have you received a postcard about your mortgage?  *These postcards ARE NOT from American Southwest Credit Union*. If you receive a postcard like this, please do not call the number.  It is a scam to fraudulently obtain personal information from you.

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