Contactless Debit & Credit Cards are Now Available at ASCU!

We are rolling out our new contactless debit and credit cards which include the latest Tap-To-Pay technology.

  • New accounts opened Dec. 16th 2021 or later will receive contactless cards.
  • Existing account holders will receive their new contactless cards when their current cards expire.
  • If you wish to receive contactless cards before your current card expires, there is a $7 upgrade fee per card.


Concerned About Going Contactless? Truth vs. Myth About Contactless Card Security


True or False? Contactless cards are less secure than my current chip card. 

FALSE – Contactless cards are more secure than contact chip cards because they do not transmit your account number.  They transmit an encrypted transaction token number. Each time you use your card, the token number changes, making each and every transaction token unique.  Contactless cards contain the same chip technology as contact cards and help prevent fraud at point-of-sale terminals.


True or False? Contactless cards can be read with any RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Device).

FALSE – Contactless cards only transmit token numbers.  They do not transmit your name, card number, expiration date, or your security code on the back.  This makes contactless cards more secure than contact cards.  In addition, the transmittal distance is only a few millimeters.  IF someone walked by you with an RFID, they could not merely put the device near your purse or wallet to receive a transmission.


True or False? One of the greatest threats to my card security is from people seeing my card number, writing it down, and using it on the internet. 

TRUE – Help stop fraud in its tracks by not allowing others, including family members, to see your card number at any time.  When at home, keep your purse or wallet securely stored out of view from visitors and family members. Do not give anyone your card to use. If you have to physically hand over your card to make a purchase (such as at a restaurant), keep an eye on where it is going and whose possession it is in.  Likewise, never make a purchase over the phone by verbally giving out your account number.  Instead, for businesses that accept phone payments, use their automated phone payment system.  If they do not have an automated payment system, find a different way to pay.


True or False? Another threat to my card security is from purchasing merchandise from websites that turn out to be scams or imposter websites.

TRUE – Scam websites and websites impersonating bona fide businesses are prevalent.  Keep your card safe by making sure you are only visiting and making online purchases from websites run by reputable businesses.  If you are in doubt about a website’s legitimacy, don’t make the purchase and leave the website immediately.


**Scams Regarding Contactless Cards**

There is a scam trying to scare people into believing that contactless cards are less secure than a chip card.  This scam offers a “free” sleeve to put your contactless cards into to “protect” your card.  This scam offers the sleeve for “free” but charges a $17 – $40 shipping/handling fee.  Please remember that your contactless card does not transmit your card number or account information. It transmits a transaction token number, a few millimeters, to the tap-to-pay device at the time of purchase, and only at the time you are using it.  This code changes every time you use the card. Don’t fall for the scam. Your contactless card has the same security features as your chip card and offers a more convenient way to pay.

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