View Your Cards from Online & Mobile Banking

View your ASCU Debit & Credit Cards easily and securely by logging into your Online Banking. Each card will be displayed on a list that identifies them by the last four digits. You can even nickname your cards to easily identify them

Turn your card ON or OFF in a Snap

Accidentally misplace your card? Simply turn it OFF inside of Online or Mobile Banking to make sure one-time transactions are not processed without your approval.* With Card Control, you’re always just one click/tap away from instantly turning your card ON or OFF**.

You can even leave it OFF until you are ready to use it.  For added security, instantly turn it back off after your purchase is complete.

*Recurring transactions will still occur even if the Card is switched OFF.

**If your debit card is permanently lost or stolen, please report that it is no longer in your possession.

Set your Alert and Control Preferences

Customize what types of alerts you receive and where you receive them inside the Alert and Control Preferences section. Alerts can be sent via SMS, email, and push notifications.  If you do not want to receive alerts for every transaction, you can change your preference to “Preferred Transactions” or “Blocked Transaction Only.” *

*There must be at least one alert option selected per account. SMS text messages are available inside the United States only.

Choose your Merchants and Transaction Types

As an additional security feature, Card Control allows you to set up which types of merchants and transactions your ASCU Card is allowed to authorize. It is easy to update your preferences to allow you the flexibility to change it whenever you need to.

Block Transactions by Location

If you don’t shop overseas, why worry about sketchy foreign transactions? Just block transactions from foreign locations to give you extra security against fraudulent transactions.

Set Spending Limits

Let Card Control help your money management goals.  Set spending limits for yourself.  Block transactions that are greater than your pre-determined amount.   feature allows you to block transactions greater than the amount you pre-determine inside cards control. You can also disable receiving transaction alerts below a certain threshold within this feature.