20 Ways To Celebrate Father’s Day — Without Breaking The Bank!

We all want to show our dads that we care on Father’s Day. Many people panic and run straight for the ties. But unless your father is a necktie aficionado and you can land him the rarest of rare finds in men’s fashion, you may want to consider something else that shows how well you know and appreciate your dad. Here are 20 ways you can honor your father this Father’s Day.
1. Get fishing licenses for both of you and go fishing!
2. College mascot-branded duct tape for the sports fan or handyman.
3. Take in a minor league baseball game.
4. Detail his car with a vinyl cleaner (Armor All) and a vacuum.
5. Take a trip to the driving range together.
6. Dust and sort his toolbox – don’t forget to label the wrenches and sockets!
7. Tackle the mowing, raking or other yard work.
8. Personalized coffee mug – write on a blank mug with Sharpies, then bake at 450 degrees
for 30 minutes!
9. Build your own BBQ rub or sauce using dad’s favorite flavors.
10. Give the grill a thorough cleaning.
11. Clean and organize the shed or garage – it’s probably been on his to-do list all year!
12. Grab a few of his favorite classic movies on DVD or Blu-Ray (but make sure he has a
Blu-Ray player first!).
13. Pick up a few cuts of meat and ask him to teach you how to grill them.
14. Offer him a “tech tutorial” on how to better use a device he already owns.
15. Volunteer for Habitat for Humanity together – working with him to improve your
16. Find a local historical site and arrange a walking tour.
17. Build something with him – like a bird house or a spice rack.
18. Pack a picnic lunch and head to a local park!
19. Just spend time with him doing the things he likes to do.
20. Put a new spin on the old necktie cliché – buy a old necktie at a thrift store, do a web
search for “DIY Necktie Eyeglass case” and follow the instructions to make this unique
gift. Buy a pair of sunglasses to put inside before you give it to him.

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