Online & Mobile Banking Tutorials


How to Nickname your accounts to keep more organized

Many people have multiple accounts. It’s difficult to keep all the account numbers straight unless you nickname them.  For instance, to easily identify two of your checking accounts, you can nickname your household checking account “House Checking” and nickname your personal checking account “Jane’s Checking”.  Once your accounts are nicknamed, you can easily see which account you are selecting to make transfers from and to, without having to memorize the account numbers.

*Note:  You can nickname your sub accounts that are part of one account. However if you hold multiple accounts that are completely separate, you must log on to each of those accounts to re-name them, otherwise the accounts will revert back to the original names when you close out of online banking.

To nickname your accounts, pull up your dashboard in online banking.  In the bottom left corner, click your username or the arrow to expand the menu.


Click on “Settings”


Click on “American Southwest CU”

Look to the right and click on the arrow next to the account you want to rename or nickname.


When that account menu opens, click on “Rename” in the top right corner.


Double check that the account you selected is the correct account.

Click inside the box and type in the name you want to rename it to. Then Click Save.


You’re all set.  When you revisit your dashboard, your nickname should appear instead of a generic name.


How to Set Up Bill Payments

Make payments to companies or people easily with Bill Pay.  Just enroll by clicking on the “Pay Bill” icon on your dashboard.

After that, follow the steps below to set up the companies you want to pay.

Click on “Pay a Bill”. If a window pops up that asks you to enroll first, follow the steps to enroll before proceeding.  You will be asked to re-enter your password to enroll.


Click on “Add another bill” to add the company or person you wish to pay.


Fill in the boxes with the correct information. Double check that all information you have added is correct.  Then hit “Submit”


At this point, you have not paid the bill.  You’ve only added this bill to your list of bills you want to pay in the future.

After hitting submit, you will be given the option to pay this bill, add another bill, or to hit “I’m done”

Click “Pay This Bill”


Do not click submit yet. If you want to add notes or set up reoccurring payments to this company or person, Click “More Options”.


Adjust the amount, frequency, send date, and notes on this payment.  Then click “Submit”


Click Submit to pay the bill you have selected.


Click on Pay Bills


Click on “Multiple”


From the list of bills you have set up previously, select the bills you want to pay by clicking on them. The list of bills to pay will populate as you are clicking on them.  Then after you’ve finished making your selection of bills to pay, enter the amounts you want to pay.


After adding the amounts for each bill you want to pay, click “Review and Pay”


Check your bills, the amounts to be paid, and the account that the funds will draw from.  If everything is correct, click “Submit Payments”


A confirmation window will appear after you click “Submit Payments.”  You’re all set.


How to View Statements, 1098s, 1099s online

To view statements, from the menu, select eStatements.  (If you are using the mobile app, you will click on the menu icon on the top left corner of your screen.) Click Enroll if it asks you to do so.  If you have already signed up for eStatements when you signed up for your account, you will not have to re-enroll.

After clicking on eStatements, the statement dashboard will open.

Select the tab of the document you want to review from the tabs across the top.

Then select the date you want to review.  Once you’ve selected your parameters, the document should appear to the right of the date list.


How to set up or turn off two-factor authentication

To set up two-factor authentication, follow the steps below:

Go to and click on the red login button (top-right).

When you get to the login screen, enter your User ID, password, and click “Sign In”

The next screen will ask you to “Protect your account with 2-step verification.  2-step verification is one of the best ways to protect your account.  Click on “Get Started”

On the next screen, select your verification method.  You will want to select “voice or text message” if you do not have an Authy account set up.

If you do text messaging, select “Text Message” from the next screen to get your code. Then click “Send”

Enter your cell phone number to receive the verification code.

When you receive the verification code on your phone via text, click the box to stop future verification codes if you don’t want to have 2-step authentication.  (However, remember that 2-step authentication is one of the best ways to keep your account secure).  Click “Verify to sign in”

If you do not have text, select the voice option.  Make sure your phone is turned on and the volume is up so you can hear the code on the call. The automated call will ring through on your phone within a few seconds to a minute or two. Write down the code.  Input that into the verification code box and click “Verify” to sign in.

How to link external accounts

How to link external accounts so you can transfer money between other financial institutions:


Open your dashboard. It will list “Cash Accounts” (checking/savings) and borrowed accounts if you have any.

Click on Cash Accounts.


Once you open up your cash accounts page, at the top right of that “card” you will see a Plus + sign

Click on the + sign


Select “Make External Transfers”


You may be prompted to re-enter your password at this point.  


Enter the name of the financial institution you are linking, account and routing number.  Select the type of account (Checking or Savings).  Usually your routing number can be found on the financial institution’s website. However you may have to call or use their chat support if you cannot find it.  You must have both the routing number and your account number for linking to be successful.



Once you hit “Submit”, you will receive a “Deposits Sent” notice (shown below)

Check your external account transactions for the account you want to link.  The transactions will be labeled with “American Southwest Credit Union” or “ASCU”.

Write down the amount of the deposits.

Log into your ASCU online or mobile banking portal.

Click on your Dashboard menu bar


Select “Transfers” from the list.


Open the message shown by the red dot.


Enter the amounts of the small deposits that were sent to your external financial institution in the fields shown and hit  “Confirm”


Your accounts will be linked provided that your deposit inputs were correct.  You can now begin transferring money between your American Southwest Credit Union account and your external account.  You can make one-time transfers or set up re-occurring transfers.










How to download a list of transactions

Want to download your transactions?  Follow the steps below.

Step 1: From your account Dashboard, Click on the type of accounts that you want to work with. Use the accounts listed at the top of the screen.




Step 2.  A full listing of your accounts will appear. Double Click on the account you want to download transactions from



Step 3.  Click on the Download Icon. Note that this is also where you can find the routing number. You can also print from this screen or search for a specific transaction from this screen with the magnifying glass and print icons located next to the download icon.

How to search for or print a list of recent transactions?

Need to review a list of transactions, search for a specific transaction, print a list of transactions?

It’s easy in our new system! Follow the steps below.

Step 1: From your account Dashboard, click on the magnifying glass / search icon.


Step 2: A list of recent transactions appears. Here you can search for a specific transaction by entering an amount, keyword, date, or check number into the field.  If you just want to print the list of recent transactions, proceed to Step 3.

Step 3:  Hit the print icon (next to the magnifying glass). Before doing so, you can go to “Search and sorting options” to sort the list the way you want.


Step 4: From the Print menu, select your options and hit the print button, usually located near the bottom.

Are you using Safari for your internet browser while using online banking?

Trying to Use Safari as Your Browser for Online Banking?

You must disable cookie detection.

Safari underwent a change and no longer allows cookies to be sent in an iFrame for another site. Cookies are what’s used to pass through and authenticate a user for our SSOs. This will impact any user attempting to access SSOs via Safari.  To eliminate this problem, you can use a different internet browser or, if you wish to continue using Safari, follow the steps below.

Step 1. Within the Safari menu, click “preferences” and navigate to the “privacy” tab across the modal that pops up.

Step 2. Make sure “Block all cookies” is unchecked.

Below is a screenshot.

How to turn off pop-up blockers

Are Pop-Up Blockers Prohibiting You from Logging In?

If online banking seems not to respond to your request to open a page or to log in, you could be experiencing a pop-up blocker.   You will need to change the settings on your computer to always allow “Pop-Ups”.   It is not advisable to disable your pop-up blocker from every website.  But you can disable the blocker for selected companies you trust.

See below for several examples of what to look for.  These are only examples.  Your computer’s pop-up blocker may look different depending on the system and the browser you are using.


If your login attempt or your click to a new page seems to go nowhere or stop, this tiny red pop-up blocker message may be at the top of your browser bar screen.  It’s usually shown about the center to center-left in the top browser bar.  Often there is a message that states “Pop-up Blocked” next to it.  However this message only stays there for a split second and you are left with a tiny red icon or dot, shown here circled in red.  Click on the red dot icon to see the drop down menu, then select “Disable pop-up blocker for Banno” (our banking platform).  It might also say “Allow pop-ups from Banno or ASCU”

Once you have disabled the pop-up blocker, you can then go back to the task you were trying to accomplish.

If you see something else at the top of your screen, continue reading.




The second type of message you may receive is a bar message, usually in yellow or red, at the top right to top center of the internet browser bar.  It flashes on the screen quickly and then disappears.  If you tried logging in or clicking on something and nothing happened, but and you didn’t see a blocker, click on your task again while watching the top right or top center of your screen.  If the blocker bar appears, you will need to disable it before you can continue your task.  You can usually right click or click on the blocker to get an option to allow the pop-ups from Banno.  Remember, if given the option, always allow pop-ups from Banno.

Note:  If your computer has automatic updates, sometimes the update will turn the pop-up blocker back on.  It is unfortunate, but you may need to repeat disabling pop-up blockers when using the online banking platform in the future, because any update of your computer system may re-set the pop-up blockers back to the ON position.



How to apply, online, for an auto loan or credit card

It’s easy with our new online application.  By applying online, your application is put into the loan queue immediately.  Why wait for a call back? Start the process from the comfort of your own home!

Apply Now for Auto Loan or Credit Card
How to access notifications and portal messages sent from American Southwest Credit Union

Occasionally we might put a message in your online and mobile banking portal.  If it is an important message, we will send a “Push” notification out, meaning, the message will be delivered right away for you to read.  If you don’t see the message when you first open up your dashboard, look at the menu on the top left of your account card.  If there is a red dot next to the menu bar, you have a message.  You should always check your messages anytime you log in to online or mobile banking.


Open up the message by clicking on the menu bar. Then select “Messages”.


Once fully opened, you will be able to view the messages we have sent you.




How to access your Member Exclusive Discounts

Member Exclusive Discounts are located in the Message section of online and mobile banking.  We will never send out a push notification when we add coupons or discounts, so check often for great deals.

To access messages, click on the menu bar.  If you have a new message, there will be a red dot next to the menu.


When you click on the menu, you will have various options to select from.  Select “Messages”.


Once your messages open, you will be able to see the Member Exclusives and discounts provided. They are listed according to the area of your nearest branch, ie. Sierra Vista, Benson, Douglas, and Sahuarita/Green Valley.


How to update your address, email, and phone number.

Follow the steps below to make changes to your email, phone, preferred first name, and address.  You may be asked to re-enter your password to complete this process.

Note: If you are changing your address, the change will not be immediate.  After completing your request, you will receive a “Pending Address Change” notification.


From your dashboard, click on the menu bar on the top left.


From the menu selections, look to the bottom for your name, the account holder, and click on it.


After you click on your name, your contact information will show on the next screen.  You will have the option to edit various fields.  Select the field you want to change.  Remember you may be asked for your password before you can proceed.


Once you have changed your information, it will be updated on the portal.  However address changes will take 2-4 business days.  If you have made an address change, you will receive the message below: