Are Pop-Up Blockers Prohibiting You from Logging In?

If online banking seems not to respond to your request to open a page or to log in, you could be experiencing a pop-up blocker.   You will need to change the settings on your computer to always allow “Pop-Ups” from Netteller (our online banking platform).   It is not advisable to disable your pop-up blocker from every website.  But you can disable the blocker for selected companies you trust.

See below for several examples of what to look for.  These are only examples.  Your computer’s pop-up blocker may look different depending on the system and the browser you are using.


If your login attempt or your click to a new page seems to go nowhere or stop, this tiny red pop-up blocker message may be at the top of your browser bar screen.  It’s usually shown about the center to center-left in the top browser bar.  Often there is a message that states “Pop-up Blocked” next to it.  However this message only stays there for a split second and you are left with a tiny red icon or dot, shown here circled in red.  Click on the red dot icon to see the drop down menu, then select “Disable pop-up blocker for Netteller” (our banking platform).  It might also say “Allow pop-ups from Netteller”

Once you have disabled the pop-up blocker, you can then go back to the task you were trying to accomplish.

If you see something else at the top of your screen, continue reading.




The second type of message you may receive is a bar message, usually in yellow or red, at the top right to top center of the internet browser bar.  It flashes on the screen quickly and then disappears.  If you tried logging in or clicking on something and nothing happened, but and you didn’t see a blocker, click on your task again while watching the top right or top center of your screen.  If the blocker bar appears, you will need to disable it before you can continue your task.  You can usually right click or click on the blocker to get an option to allow the pop-ups from Netteller.  Remember, if given the option, always allow pop-ups from Netteller.

Note:  If your computer has automatic updates, sometimes the update will turn the pop-up blocker back on.  It is unfortunate, but you may need to repeat disabling pop-up blockers when using the online banking platform in the future, because any update of your computer system may re-set the pop-up blockers back to the ON position.