Deposits using Allpoint ATMs:  Beginning JULY 15th, our members with an ASCU debit card (consumer or business debit) will be able to make cash deposits at a deposit-enabled Allpoint ATM.  Just need to follow the on-screen prompts. The Allpoint Locator will display the “Allpoint +” ATM’s available.

  • The per transaction maximum limit for a cash deposit is $1,000.00
  • There is no per day limit on cash deposits
  • Deposited funds will be available immediately

Cards that Lock!

ASCU is pleased to announce ASCU Card Plus. Downloading the ASCU Card Plus App onto your smart phone gives you the ability to lock your cards when you are not using them to help guard against unauthorized use.  Unlock  with ease when you are ready to pay, and then re-lock the card for peace of mind.

Mobile Banking

We are pleased to announce our new Mobile Banking App!  View all your account information while on the go and understand your money flow simply and without clutter.  View transactions, make transfers, make payments and pay bills all in one place.  You can even customize your dashboard to suit your needs.