Help your employees succeed

Implementing a financial education program for your employees can assist with employee retention, morale, and can create an action-based mindset to develop leaders among your team. Studies show that people from all income brackets, who have taken charge of their finances and have a solid financial education background, have less stress in their lives.  You don’t need to be a member to take advantage of this free program.

We care and we can help your employees thrive.

Business benefits

  • Financial Education is a FREE addition to your benefits package.
  • Increase employee satisfaction, morale, and success rate.
  • Increase employee retention and create leaders among your team.
  • Networking opportunities for your business.
  • On-site membership openings for new and existing employees.
  • Your own personal contact at ASCU to help address the needs of your staff.
  • No cost to you or your employees.

Benefits for your employees

  • Free financial education workshops offered on-site.
  • Access to all of our products, services, surcharge-free ATMs and our shared branching network.
  • Access to online banking, mobile banking and remote capture deposits.
  • Free individual financial counseling services.
  • Access to direct deposit.

Let’s Talk

Contact Gil Serna by phone or email to schedule your initial consultation.  Our first meeting will help ASCU create a customized program for your employees based on their needs and their goals.  We work with groups of all sizes from 1 – 200!

Gil Serna 520-452-3069


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