Visa Debit, Prepaid and Credit Cards

They’re here!  Just in time for the Holidays  ASCU is excited to announce three new, dynamic Visa Prepaid solutions to fit all of your needs:  the Visa Gift card, the Visa Prepaid EMV card, and the Visa Student Prepaid card.  Be sure to call or visit any of our 7 locations  or scroll down to get all the details!

Visa Credit Cards

Visa Signature:
Everyone needs a great card like this one to work for them. This card offers a great low rate, fee free balance transfers, no annual fee and rewards! You’ll get 1.25 points for every net $1 spent and a 5-year point expiration. Conveniently redeem your points online for air travel, merchandise, gift cards from dozens of retailers or redeem your points in $50 increments for cash or payment to your credit card. Plus you will get 3,000 bonus points for the first monetary transaction on your new account.

Visa Platinum:
This is the card you have been waiting for! A low rate card that will save you money each month. This card has great accessibility and convenience as a Platinum Card should. It offers a low rate, fee free balance transfers and no annual fee.

Visa Secured:
A great way to start up your credit with no annual fees. Whether you are beginning your credit for the first time or need a little help rebuilding your credit, this card, with a line of credit ranging from $500 to $2,000, will get you started.

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 Visa Debit

To maximize the convenience of your American Southwest Credit Union checking account, apply for a VISA® Debit card. With this card, you will have free access to any ATM worldwide displaying the Green Allpoint logo. Also, you can use the card just like a check at millions of merchants around the world!

Our VISA® Debit Card is *accessible through the following ATM networks:

    • VISA®
    • PLUS

*A surcharge fee may apply depending on the ownership of the ATM

To report your Visa Debit card lost or stolen please call 866-304-1647 or 800-752-6394

Visa Prepaid Gift Cards

ASCU offers a variety of styles of Visa Prepaid Gift Cards that are perfect for any occasion: birthdays, graduations, weddings, holidays, or just to say “thank you”. Give a gift without worrying about getting the wrong size or color! For complete details, including terms and conditions, click here.

  • $3.00 purchase price
  • Instantly issued at any ASCU branch
  • Load for as little as $20 and as much as $500
  • Visa Prepaid Gift Cards are accepted anywhere the Visa logo is displayed: in-store, online, and by phone
  • For transaction information and to register a card, visit

Visa Prepaid Debit

Easy to use and reloadable, Visa Prepaid debit cards go everywhere that you do. Our card is also EMV-capable, meaning you can feel more secure knowing that the “chip” is working for you! ASCU’s personalized Visa Prepaid card can be loaded using cash, direct deposit from your employer, a debit or credit card, or your ASCU checking or savings account. For complete details, including terms and conditions, click here.

Visa Student Prepaid Cards

You have been asking for it and it is finally here! Our Reloadable Visa Student Prepaid card offers parents and students a better alternative. The card allows parents the ease of providing funds to their student while away and allows students to make purchases while avoiding the risk of carrying cash. ASCU is excited to offer this effective budgeting tool to its younger membership! For complete details, including terms and conditions, click here.