ASCU Banzai team up for Financial Education

Banzai ASCU logosASCU has teamed up with Banzai! to help students with Financial Education!


ASCU is providing another service to our communities, Financial Education! We want to help educate our local communities regarding finances so they can achieve financial wellness in their lives. Teaming up with Banzai in our local schools is a great way to do this. Banzai is 100% free for the ASCU sponsored schools. Completely. No strings, no catch. We care about teaching young people to be financially responsible in our local communities.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Exposes them to real-life adult financial dilemmas, from taming a budget and paying auto insurance to navigating taxes.
  2. Banzai is web-based, and can be accessed on all major desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. It even offers special support for iPads and Chromebooks.
  3. It helps meet our school’s unfunded mandate to teach financial literacy. See how it aligns with your state’s standards of learning.
  4. Banzai is supplemental, however, it’s designed to teach students about finance using experience-based learning techniques to make its curriculum memorable and impactful.

We believe that financial education starts with understanding the difference between a Bank and A Credit Union.  Check out this cool video for the answer and stay tuned for more information!

What’s a Credit Union? from Banzai on Vimeo.


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